We manufacture the outer and inner structures of buses, from handrails to luggage compartments. Likewise, we can manufacture tubular chassis used in sports vehicles and on the sides of small cars and golf carts, among others.

Handling and lifting systems

We are experts in the manufacturing of platforms, landings and ladders that have been specifically designed to be integrated in lifting systems, such as cranes.


We work hand-in-hand with construction companies to develop optimal solutions with an appealing design for the construction of balconies, staircase banisters, windows, doors, gates and fences, among others.

Agriculture and livestock

We manufacture cabs for tractors and some of the components used in the structures of agricultural machinery. In addition, we have the machinery and resources required to manufacture watering troughs, fences and structures for greenhouses.


We can manufacture the front, roof and side structures of trains. We also manufacture handrails.

Renewable energies

Our technology is used to manufacture the ladders used inside wind turbine generator towers.

Urban furniture

We work hand-in-hand with the Public Administrations in relation to the equipment of urban areas, manufacturing safety fences, guards for trees and traffic lights, fountains, as well as bicycle parking racks, among others.

Leisure and sporting areas

We are a key supplier of elements for children’s park and sporting area manufacturers, developing many of the components that are used in the structures.

Indoor furniture

We offer functional and attractive solutions, manufacturing tables, chairs and shelves, as well as any other part in which our technology can be featured.